St Catharines Pharmacy

We’re proud that our St. Catharines pharmacy isn’t a big box store or even a medium box store. We’re small by design. Our pharmacy feels personal because the team behind the counter has a single focus: You.

We built Ontario Street Pharmacy in St. Catharines with you in mind. That’s why we have two caring and experienced pharmacists and not a rotating group of ten. It means you’ll have a relationship with a pharmacist you know and like and you’ll never feel rushed. Our two pharmacists and owners, David Constinuik and Jennifer Nitsopoulos give you their undivided attention. When you walk up to the counter, Jen and Dave will always take the time to ensure you come away with questions answered, directions that are clear and a feeling that you are truly cared for.

Another thing that makes our pharmacists different? They don’t stay behind the counter. If mobility or health issues prevent you from coming to the counter, they’ll take a seat with you in the waiting room. Can’t make it to the pharmacy? They are out in the community everyday, working with patients in their own homes or in the Group Homes or Hospice they live in. As such, Jen and Dave will do all they can to make sure remote needs of their patients are met.

Can’t come to the pharmacy?

We will come to you. Please contact us at (905) 687-7283 or by email at to let us know your needs.

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